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You have to come!
I've never had so much fun! There's problem solving and overcoming fear with determination!

I've been to about five different gyms around here and It's just *sigh* not for me! When I was a I used to play on the jungle gyms and seeing this I was just like: "Oh this could be fuun!!"

Everyone here is so friendly, they're really lovely



We came in for a session while staying in the city. Workout was really enjoyable, everyone was great, and we had a lot of fun together. Didn't even realise how much exercise we had done till we woke up the next morning aching all over!

Was a great experience and we will definitely be back!

Luke Yak

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Great and unique gym with fantastic equipment.


John Sharpin 

A very friendly experience. Thoroughly recommend it. Very comprehensive and enjoyable.

Trina Hodgson

I love this place so much.

The staff, the people and of course Ann! 

They honestly make me forget about the stress at work, the craziness that life brings and all the rest of it. It's a place where you don't realise you are actually working out, its never boring and they always keep you on your toes.

If you are looking to get fit, inspired and healthier this is the place to be.

I have done bodybuilding, crossfit, fitness first you name it.

This is by far the most fun and relaxing place to be before/after work.

Giulz Gonzalez 


I've been attending classes at Movement Republic for 2 months now.
I have a history of sore back and I've been wanting to get stronger in my lower body and core.

I'm happier as I'm not having any other issues and now I can do the things I'd like to be able to do a little bit better!


I wasn't looking for a gym, I was more looking for a physio as I have such a problem with my shoulders and in the mornings I couldn't really lift my head. I thought I needed medical help!
I gave Movement Republic a chance! It's much more fun and also cheaper than going to a physio!



If you want to connect with your body, this is the best place. Ann is an amazing lady!


Cláudio Fernandes

These guys are amazing!
My kids attended a school holiday program. They had THE BEST time without realising they were even exercising! Their Nan took them to the sessions and actually joined in too.
The classes are tailored to the individual whilst in a class environment. Movement Republic has all the benefits of a gym workout (and then some) without the boredom of sets/reps etc. Thoroughly recommended for all ages and fitness levels - from kids, to families to ninja warriors!!

Calendar Mccabes

This place is honestly amazing.

If you're looking to become apart of a humble community of happy healthy people pushing the boundaries.

Ann and the crew helped me evolve my knowledge and beliefs as well as having a whole tone of fun.

Get in there and give it a try.

James Hulme

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I never thought I would get so excited to head to the gym!
Classes are challenging yet so much fun! 
The perfect combination!


Cláudio Fernandes

I certainly enjoy going to the gym alot more and people have noticed I've gotten so dedicated. 
I think it's about the community we have here, we have fun times and they all just push you to improve physically and mentally!

You feel like your constantly improving!

I feel and look better!


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This gym is fantastic! All members are supportive of each other and have such a laugh. The sessions fly by! the Mentors are great as well. Always coming up with new and different movements to keep the classes unique. Never a repetitive session. Let's not forget Ann, the heart of the place. Her energy is so infectious. Give it a go. What's the worst that could happen? You like it and have some fun?

Myriam Novak

When I first joined, I could barely crawl let alone imagine myself jumping, swinging or climbing around. It just looked way too hard!

But after just a few lessons with the Movement mentors, I saw my confidence, strength and agility improving and have been pleasantly surprised at being able to do things I would never have thought possible (can finally make my way across that rope!)

Whilst they’re not things you would do every day, these skills have helped me to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The sessions are so much fun that 1 hour just flies! Not to mention the new friends I’ve made. Thank you Movement team and fellow Movers for being part of my journey, for being so understanding and supportive 

and for never letting me give up!

Ready for the next challenge!

     Katerina Kiparizov


Since I've been at Movement Republic I have not only gotten stronger and lost a bit of weight, it's also been really beneficial to my mental health.
I have quite a stressful life so at lunchtime I can come here and escape. 

I've worked with all the trainers here and they're all concious of peoples skill level and adjusts the excercises accordingly!



I've been to Movement Republic for a year now and I'm here because it's always fun and something new to do and your always being challenged beyond your wildest dreams!

I love the community here at MRP, we have a great friendship both inside and outside of the studio!


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As a professional ballet dancer visiting Sydney for the weekend, I was lucky enough to get a one-on-one training session with Chris to work on my agility and dynamic movement. This kind of exercise is unfamiliar to many people, but as an athlete this type of physical activity couldn’t be more beneficial for my craft. Movement Republic offers the type of cross-training that is complimentary to any kind of sport and I highly recommend any athlete come check this place out!

Rhiannon Fairless

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